Mid-Life Upgrade & Car Deck Ventilation System


BC Ferries


Mid-Life Upgrade: 2002-2003
Car Deck Ventilation System: 2004

M/V Queen of Cowichan was built in Victoria in 1976. It joined the other two C-class ferries built that year, the Queen of Alberni and the Queen of Coquitlam, and was followed by the Queen of Surrey and Queen of Oak Bay.

The ship, like all C-class ferries, is double-ended. This means the ship never has to turn around in port during regular service. Almost identical to the Queen of Coquitlam, the vessel has a car capacity of 392 and a passenger capacity for 1,466 people.

The ship has two car decks. A lower car deck capable of carrying trucks and buses carries the overheight vehicles while the upper car deck can carry the majority of the cars on board. She is named for the regional district of Cowichan Valley Regional District.