Projects From the 80’s

Good Times Beginning…


New Builds / Retro-Fits / Maintenance

A new beginning for McRae ushering a new era in the 1980′s where McRae Electric stumbled out on its own with a new management team to take on the marine electrical industry by storm. The title may not describe it in its true sense, but it does convey a message; McRae Electric had arrived.

The 1980′s was a good time for McRae. The ship building industry was booming in Vancouver and McRae was positioned to provide our services and expertise to the industry. The pictures in the slider above are of a couple vessels McRae Electric was involved with.

The first is the Bonavista Bay, a supply ship for Oil Rigs built for Husky / Bow Valley. The second is the CCGS Samuel Risley, a Navigational Aids Vessel classed as a 1050 Nav-Aids for the Canadian Coast Guard.



In between these projects, we were involved in the electrical design, installation and commissioning of two tractor tugs named TP1 & TP2 (left) for Minette Bay Ship Docking Ltd.

McRae also was actively involved in Asbestos Abatement Programs (asbestos removal) on vessels. Working closely with Work Safe BC, consultants, abatement contractors and ship owners, McRae assisted to develop and implement proper procedures to maintain electrical services critical to the integrity of the vessel while abatement was in progress.

Princess Superior

Princess SuperiorBridge Wing Consoles 1995

Assisted in the design and layout of console components. Design and produce engineered wiring diagrams to interface to existing systems with the supply and install of equipment for:

    • Alarm & Monitoring
    • Bow Thruster Tachometer
    • Emergency Shutdowns
    • Intercom
    • Port & Starboard Shaft Tachometer
    • Rudder Angle Indication
    • Search Light Controls
    • Sound Power Telephones
    • Station In Command Status