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Mid Life Upgrades

For BC Ferries


BC FerriesDuring Mid Life Upgrades, (MLU’s) the work that would be undertaken by McRae varied dependent on the vessel’s requirements or projected life extension.  As a minimum, McRae would be involved in identifying existing systems and associated cabling to be removed and/or retained throughout the vessel, and in some cases the complete removal of all systems and associated cabling.

McRae’s scope of supply would include:

    • Design, production and distribution of drawings
    • Block diagrams
    • Breaker co-ordination study
    • Cable pull sheets
    • Door status layout
    • Electrical equipment location, (i.e. motors, starters, panels)
    • Fault current analysis
    • Fire damper control station layout
    • Fire detection layout
    • Lighting layouts
    • Load analysis
    • Schematics
    • Termination
    • Wireway layouts

Supply and install of:

    • Alarm and monitoring system
    • Cabling (i.e. power, communication, control, data)
    • Design / Build / Program of the shipwide touch screen / HMI HVAC System (Queen of New Westminster)
    • Door status system
    • Fire alarm system
    • Motor control centers
    • Navigational aids equipment
    • Power & lighting distribution centers
    • Shipwide lighting
    • Switchboards
    • UPS and batteries